2016 Juried Photography Show Award Winners

Thanks also to everyone who helped with the show, including receiving, hanging, the gallery committee and curating. Thank you to our judge, Anthony Almeida and a special thank you to Jim Ralph for another successful year!

Best in Show

Kristopher Schonenleber ~ “Twists and Turns” (Nature)


First Place ~ Rob Rielly ~ “Majaic”
Second Place ~ Lucille Rielly ~ “Climbers”
Third Place ~ Jason Rice ~ “Ray”


First Place ~ Betty Kem ~ “Liquid Gold”
Second Place ~ John Regan ~ “The Lost Buoys”
Third Place ~ Tricia Lea Rhodes ~ “Chicago Tall Ships-Mast and Sail”


Honorable Mention

Victoria Wiley ~ “NAMHSIF”
Carol Manger ~ “The Keeper”
Tricia Lea Rhodes ~ “Beach Textures”
Lucille Rielly ~ “Sky Sea Sand Someone”



First Place ~ Robert Campbell ~ “Snowy Egret”
Second Place ~ Marc Finkelstein ~ “Spirit in the Night”
Third Place ~ Eileen Quimby ~ “Meadows Lake”

Honorable Mention

Angela Previte ~ “Egret Balancing Act”
Angela Previte ~ “The Taste of Freedom”
George T. Morrish ~ “Dead Horse”
Lou Gura ~ “Ferns”



First Place ~ Rosemarie Reinman ~ “Havana Street Scene”
Second Place ~ Robert Campbell ~ “Cuban Revolutionist”
Third Place ~ Herb Wiley ~ “Blairstown”

Honorable Mention

Lucille Rielly ~ “Waterlilly”
Herb Wiley ~ “Tire”
Margaret Simpson ~ “Mercer County Park”