In the Galleries in August

August 2017 • Reception Sunday August 6, 1 - 4 PM

Gallery I
Tamara Woronczuk “Talk to the Animals”

The title of this exhibit comes from the movie “Dr. Doolittle” (1967) in which Rex Harrison attempts to communicate with a wide variety of animals. My attempt, in this exhibit, is to communicate, via painted paper collage, the beauty, vulnerability and trusting nature of these magnificent creatures both great and small. Throughout my life there has been a parade of beloved dogs, a series of thrown away cats, baby sitting for a nasty parakeet, a beautiful grand dog and a cherished lop eared bunny. They are remembered with love and affection. My heart broke when I learned of the killing of the regal Leo by an egotistical doctor, when Harumbe was put down due to the acts of a neglectful mother at a zoo and when Barbaro had to be put to rest after his suffering from a broken leg after a major race. Animals trust us to care for them and we unfortunately often do not meet this trust. This exhibit pays homage to these creatures via the use of one of my favorite mediums, paper. Decorated papers allow for the creation of a wide variety of textures and colors. I paint, scrape, stamp and print papers in a variety of colors and textures to match the fur, skin, scales, feathers and hides of these animals and hopefully bring a smile to your face.


Gallery II
Beatrice Humphris
“Watercolor with a Twist of Alcohol”

I have lived in New Jersey most of my life. I was born during the great depression and have always loved to draw. as a child I drew on white or brown wrapping paper or shirt cardboard and made my paste with flour and water. High School Art, unlike that in my elementary school, provided an art room and a variety of supplies and experiences. there I learned to work in papier-mache, a medium I have enjoyed and employed often. I went on to become an art teacher I spent a few years in Upper Michigan teaching art grades 1-6. There I carried my own supplies and 2 pails of water to the classrooms in 3 elementary schools. I learned to build snow statues which are actually clean snow “mush”. Gradually applied to a thin wood armature that freezes to become a glistening ice sculpture. I have made many in Ocean County and each one took about 10-12 hours, standing 6 ft. tall After my 5 children were grown, I was ready to renew my art activities.I’ve attended numerous watercolor classes at the guild and learned from each of them. The Guild also introduced me to the vibrant Alcohol ink medium. My show contains work in both mediums (alcohol inks & watercolors),some realistic, some more imaginative. If my paintings convey a pleasing beauty, calmness, excitement, memory or mood to the viewer, the I am happy that I shared my work with them.



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