In the Galleries in October

A Retrospective Work of Two Ceramic Artists: BeBee Epstein and Jerry Eckhoff

This show is a retrospective of the ceramics of BeBee Epstein and Jerry Eckhoff. Many techniques, including raku, low fired earthenware, smoke firing, stoneware and paperclay were used in the making of these pieces. Through varying styles and techniques, nature and its beauty is a continuing theme for both artists, and its influence can be seen in organic forms and asymmetrical vessels bearing varied textures and muted, organic colors. The stoneware glazes, many developed over years of experimenting display the pallet of nature-soft greens, blues, browns and grays. Many pieces use stains and terra sigillata, allowing the textures and marks of the clay to show through. Some suggest miniature landscapes and have pockets for planting moss or tiny plants. Much of the work in this show was also inspired by the clay itself, allowing the clay to do what clay does, with smoke, glazes and fire adding their unpredictable effects.

Over the years Jerry’s clay work has taken on different themes. He has done architectural sculpture controlled, planned, rigid forms with openings to the interior, allowing light and shadow to enter. In contrast, others are completely random - irregular, textured slabs pieced together spontaneously toward an unknown result. He has attempted recreations of nature - landscapes and miniature mountains, planted with moss or plants resembling tiny forests. He used clay to make irregular, broken, desolate surfaces with plants pushing up through cracks, like weeds through pavement or concrete. He used smoke to try to create patterns that resemble painted landscapes and to decorate animal figures.

There is no overall plan except to see what clay can do, with occasional inspiration from the things that fascinate him.


Holiday Events here in the Galleries

Our Holiday Season here at the Guild has always been a good success thanks to our members who participate. All our galleries will ablaze with holiday spirit. Our artist and crafters will fill the walls and tables with their offerings.

This year we are requesting that the studio display larger paintings, priced to sell. The theme suggested is “Your Spring Garden”. Galleries 1 & 11 will display gifts under $50.00, sure to please all buyers. Here will be handcrafted gift items seasonal and non-seasonal. Our Gift Shop as always will shine with wonderful artful gifts. The receiving of this work will be November 28,29 & 30. Our opening receptions is Saturday, December 2, 10-4. There will be light refreshments. Come and celebrate the Season with your good friends here at the Guild and do a little gift shopping.

In January the holiday art will remain up until January 31th. There will be no Reception this month.



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